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period blood clots

the color of the blood of your period revealssomething very important about your health! menstruation or period, it is normal vaginalbleeding that occurs as part of the monthly cycle of women. every month, your body prepares for a possiblepregnancy. if this does not occur, the uterus, it isclear from the coating.
period blood clots, this is the menstrual blood leaves the bodythrough the vagina. this blood is blood and tissue part of theinside of the uterus. something that does not take into accountwomen is that the color of blood reveals important information about your health, so in thisarticle we will tell you what it reveals.
what reveals the color of the blood of yourperiod?: then you say that indicates the color of theblood of your period for you to take into account. pink: if blood is pink, this means that isin a weak day of your period. if it lasts several days can get to be a signof early pregnancy or disease. bright red: usually this is a good sign andshould be in the days to…


8 toe curling orgasm facts according to one survey, 47% of women havetheir first orgasm through masturbation. they didn't survey men, but we all know... it's...100%. the average age for a women's first orgasmis 18. again, no one asked men. some say bad science. i say creepy answer avoidance.
orgasm, according to one study 48% of regular headachesufferers had their pain cured by orgasm. for the other 62% banging didn't cure the...ah...banging. orgasms are a reflux of the central nervoussystem. and as such you don't technically need genitals to orgasm. though, genitalsalways help. i'm sorry, i was just reading
a bumper sticker. electrical stimulation of the spinal nerve,can trigger orgasms in brain dead people. turns out even the legally dead have somethingto live for. leave your complaints in the comments. one study suggests that orgasms can cure hiccups.but so can scaring people. what i'm saying is.... the hiccup-er may not need to be theone having an orgas…

lower right abdominal pain in women

how to get rid of period pain. many women suffer from painful periods, unawareof the effective natural remedies that can make their periods more comfortable. in this video we are talking about best 9ways to reduce pain in period time. so click the subscribe button for more videos.
lower right abdominal pain in women, 1. comfort dress. avoid tight clothes, especially at the waist. they only hurt the stomach and further compressingit causes discomfort.
leave that belly alone! 2. drink some milk. include a glass of milk in your breakfast. calcium is a good cure for cramps. if you are not such a �milk� person orare lactose intolerant about 600mg of calcium chewable should do the trick. 3. eat papaya.
have generous helpings of papaya during andbefore your periods. papaya contains �papain� an enzyme thathelps to regulate and helps to ease the flow during menstruation. 4. green tea. raspberry leaf or jasmine flavored green teawork wonders in calming the body and mind at the period ti…

lamisil cream

anybody knows the hidden meaning of 'green light'? it's not a normal traffic light. what if, right now if you can't recognize the greenlight, you might spend your whole life as a bachelor like him.
lamisil cream, he’s been a solo for 9855 days. contact him right now: 010-1577-1577!! your interest will save his life. (greenlight)no worries! as long as i'm alive, greenlight will remain forever. (redlight)not at all! as long as i'm alive, only the redlight can remain forever! then, let us begin greenlight briefing right away!
bang! (one late evening in the meeting room..) oh, wow! isn't this a greenlight? (ep.03 greenlight briefing :her foot odor) what this woman a doing to man a can be a greenlight? have a look at this. (giggle) her back line is level with respect to the floor, almost in 180 degrees. and now, look at her elbow. it can't handle her gravity and so that it keeps falling down.
you guys all got it, right? "she" inclined towards him…

jelly like semen

hi everyone! welcome to keith's toy box! today we're going to have some bath time fun with the surprise toy... the paw patrol rocky bath pup squirter! rocky is the paw patrol's recycling pup and he's soft and squishy and he squirts water out of his mouth during bath play time. let's try him out and get him wet!
jelly like semen, and let's join him with the rest of the paw patrol bath squirter toys for more fun! it's bath time and our paw patrol pup squirter friends are here to join us! plop! plop! let's put all of them in the tub!
squirt! that's right! so this is actually when you are getting wet! nice big squirt, rubble! nice! marshall! just give them a squeeze before dipping them into the water. zuma, let's dive in! wow, that's a big squirt! way to go, zuma! i'm fired up! chase is on the case! now, it's pool time and here are all our pup squirter friends. this is going to be so much fun.
nice! rubble on the double! ready for action…

invokana side effects

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infected mosquito bite

you may feel helpless when it comes to mosquitobites, but there are some great natural remedies that you can use to relieve the annoying itchyou get after being bit. the good news is that most of these remedies are made fromcommon household items. for example, vinegar. you can apply a small amount of vinegar directlyto your mosquito bite, or, take a very hot bath filled with water and 2 â½ cups of vinegar.i would recommend that you use organic, raw
infected mosquito bite, apple cider vinegar if possible. next, applyingaloe vera directly to your bite won't only help relieve itching and swelling, but itwill also aid in healing your wound. next, rubbing a bar of dry soap directly onto yourbite will also give you temporary relief. just remember to wash it off thoroughly oncethe itch fades away. peppermint soap is what
i use and it works great. using baking sodaand water, you can make a thick paste and apply it generously to your bites. also, afresh slice of onion can be used by placin…

how to masturbate for women

- things have changed sincethe old days of hands. (upbeat music) - today we are trying out the womanizer. - and seeing if we canorgasm in three minutes. (woman moans)
how to masturbate for women, - the womanizer is not a vibrator in the traditional sense but more of an air suctionsystem that sucks and pulls and almost reproduces oral sex to engorge
and stimulate the clitoris. - i masturbate, i think we all do. i've never masturbated witha foreign object though. - i had in fun in collegebut i feel inexperienced in some ways because ihaven't had the big o. i've had it with myselfbut not with somebody else and i have wondered if my clit's broken. - i actually got sent home inkindergarten for masturbating, so i'm a seasoned pro.
i don't think i knew what i was doing but i knew it felt good. (dinging) - oh my god, this is huge. - i feel more confidentthat it's going to work now. feels like a rhinestone. - this looks like a dope ass new speaker. okay so it turns …

how much can a bladder hold

the little scar in the middle of your abdomenmarks the place where, for about nine glorious months, all the nutrients you needed to growand develop and survive flowed straight into your bloodstream while you just floated aroundin a sac of amniotic fluid. but have you ever wondered what was going on with your otherbodily functions while you were in that enclosed space? to put it a little more bluntly, didyou, you know, pee and poop in there?
how much can a bladder hold, the answer to question #1 is yes, definitely:embryos start peeing after just two months of development, around the time they firstbegin swallowing--and, therefore, drinking--amniotic fluid. this does essentially mean that fetuses spendseven months drinking their own pee, but that's
actually not as gross as it sounds. for onething, urine--unlike feces--is sterile, so it doesn't contain bacteria that could makethe fetus sick. also, the waste products we normally get rid of by urinating, like excessnitrogen, are in…

how does xarelto work

high doses of the medication diclofenac mayraise heart attack risk. i'm erin white and this is a dailyrx minute. millions take diclofenac to relieve the painof arthritis and other ailments. however,

the european medicines agency--which is theequivalent of the us food and drug administration--warns against taking high doses of this medicine.the agency advised patients who have serious
how does xarelto work, underlying heart or circulatory conditionsto not use this drug. consult a doctor before taking any medications.for dailyrxtv, i'm erin white.

how does amitriptyline work

what does chlordiazepoxide mean? chlordiazepoxide. noun 1. a benzodiazepine derivative used as a sedative drug.

high prolactin

everyone says that guys and girls areso different and while some of that that may be true let'snot forget about some of the biological factors that make us pretty damn similar and today i'm here to talk about hormoneestrogen and testosterone up what the heck's a hormone? a hormone
high prolactin, is a chemical substance secreted from onetissue that travels through your bodily fluid to the next tissue basically it's thechemical messenger like the mail guy between your tissuesyour ovaries produce both estrogen and
testosterone though the amount of testosteroneproduced a significantly lower than what produced guy. estrogen is also produced in yourfat cells an estrogen is the big main sex hormone. it influences your height and themaintenance and repair any reproductive tissue. so hormones ingeneral may increase or decrease in the amountin quantity based on day-to-day cycle to cycle even hour to hour
estrogen levels similarly also can riseand decline that being said if the…

frigid sexually

the brunette on the left. brunette, brunette, brunette! no, no, i got one! right here. whoa! is that even physically possible? man, i hope so! wait, is that her shoulder or her knee?
frigid sexually, does it matter? no! [laughter] what are you guys laughing at? hm! you guys need to grow up! sorry, fatima, we were just doing research on our
smooth muscle proposal. i forgot to read you guys this at lunch. fatima! you always like a good joke.

why is a beer always a better choice than a woman? a. a beer doesn't get jealous when you grab another beer. [laughter] b. you can share a beer with your friends. c. a frigid beer is good in bed. [laughter]

fml drops

oh hey mike


now we're getting ready to actually use thenebulizer. the first step of course is you're going to be plugging it into the wall andyou want to make sure that the outlet that you have is going to be able to support theneeds of the machine. obviously this is a 2 prong plug right here, the outlet that ihave has a capability to take a 3 prong but it is not needed in this situation. so againto make sure that you have it correctly, it
flixotide, goes right in there. and as i've mentionedbefore, make sure that the cord is not laying on anything or near anything that is puttingout a lot of heat because that of course could damage it; melt the plastic and all that andthat would not be safe. then the next thing we're going to do is to take this plastictubing and connect it to the machine and in
this particular type of tubing, both endsare the same. this may not be the case for all nebulizers so you want to take them nextto each other, look at them and see if there's any diffe…

fingertips numb

hi welcome to stressed out stress free dotcom my name is vincent woon. in this video i'm going to talk about wrist pain. wristpain, what causes wrist pain? wrist pain can be caused by injuries or repetitive use ofthe muscles. symptoms of wrist pain usually are havingpain along the wrist area and sometimes on the thumb and also numbness and sometimespain coming down from the shoulder.
fingertips numb, let me show you a couple of techniques torelease your wrist pain. normally you have pain around this area here. this is your thumband pad area. what you do is put pressure down this way push it down and then move yourthumb. press it down your thumb straight and move the other thumb, press it down, pressit down and you might also have pain around
this area here. put some pressure here on the "v" area here,press and move, press and move or move your fingers move your fingers. for pain aroundthis area here and sometimes pain over here. what you do is put some pressure here andp…

everytime i swallow my ear pops

i'm really good at making subs because i speak both korean and english so you will all marvel at my subbing skills ah-choo - lovelyz i found a human i wanted to create edible stuff for even though i will burn the house down after making cereal i have been practicing my cooking skills...
everytime i swallow my ear pops, (which hasn't really turned out well because i don't have a house anymore) i even have aegyo that i have been concealing in the deepest darkest chamber that is the cavity where my heart should be present in! i can make you laugh every day
if you'd freaking date me i bet you don't know exist ah-choo! *mark making a noise that signifies his approval*
(1.2x) whenever i see you i think i will sneeze also whenever i see you i want to make your ears bleed by talking a lot i can't hold back my animal instincts to open my lips and let the words flow out into your bleeding ears *mark once more expressing his approval by a very enthusiastic shout* (1.2x) t…

does nutella cause cancer

not many know this, but coffee has been usedas a natural hair dye for a very long time. coffee can turn your light hair darker orgive your naturally dark hair a healthy glow. dyeing hair is common, and most people havedone this at least once in their lifetime. likewise, most people drink coffee, so whynot use that coffee and make a hair dye with natural ingredients.
does nutella cause cancer, it is important to note that dyeing your hairnaturally sometimes does not last as long. however, it is equally important to note thatthis method of coloring your hair does not do damage to your hair. it can even strengthen it.
there are over 5000 different chemicals usedin unnatural hair dyes, per the national cancer institute. many of these chemicals are known to causecancer. however, coffee is completely natural productthat not only will not cause damage but will also benefit your hair. when using the all-natural coffee mixture,your hair will have the proper shine and shade. this mixture also h…

how to female orgasm

oh definitely when he is on top, it is justa go-to, like we can just be having sex the whole time and try lots of different things and theyall feel good and i have had orgasms in other positions, but like the go-to position iswhen he is on top, and like there is some manual stimulation on my part. it is just like wham bam, thank you mahm like i’m done, done.

how to female orgasm, i put my legs up a little bit so like youknow, like a crab or something, i don’tknow that’s probably the wrong description. yeah like on his shoulders, but not on hisshoulders. there is that space you so he has that space to move around if he needs to. i got my zone that i can do my thing and likehe can just be there.

it is like a combination of clitoral and vaginal. i have never been able to have a purely vaginalorgasm. it needs to be the same sort of rhythm forlike a certain amount of time, like on both ends like…that is why i also do not likechanging positions too much because i know if i change p…


[rhythmic bass beat,sensual moans] ♪ ♪ - latrell? - what's up, baby girl? - can you please turnthat off?
cunilingus, - why, you don't like my music?- is it music? because it sounds like a bunchof sex noises over a bass line. - oh.
i get it. you don't like my music'cause i'm gay. you can't handlea gay man's music. - no, no, no. it's--i'm trying to work here, and that musicis weirdly sexual. - oh, i see. so my sexuality is weird. you just can't fathom a manbeing attracted
to another man. - i can fathom's-- can you just please listento some other gay music, like barbra streisandor something-- - oh, i see, i see.okay. so listeningto barbra streisand is gay. stereotype much? [keys clacking] so you seeinganybody lately?
- yeah, i-i mean, kind of. i think-- - 'cause i got it goodlast night. oh, it was like, damn!i mean, my man was like, blop! like, he had a baby arm holdingon to a apple. - aw, don't call ita baby arm. - aw. i see.…

cloudy urine vs normal urine

what should i think of bright neon yellowurine during pregnancy? i’d be more concerned about glow in thedark pee or green stuff. i’ve heard that is a sign that you are carryinga boy. the odds are 50-50, though the odds are higherif your husband is younger. the odds of having a boy go down if you are a vegetarian.
cloudy urine vs normal urine, so bright yellow urine isn't a sure sign ofa blue nursery. is it a problem? if your urine is dark yellow or bright yellow,it is a sign that you are dehydrated. the solution is to drink a lot of water and juice. or soda.
that actually dehydrates you because it regularlycontains sodium, aka salt. and stay away from coffee and alcohol. i knew to stay away from alcohol. don’tneed a kid with fetal alcohol syndrome. another possible cause is the prenatal vitamins.some b vitamins prescribed for morning sickness can turn your pee yellow. if it changes the color of my pee, does thatmean the vitamins are wasted? no, at least some of it was absorb…


the mao inhibitors andttricyclics were introduced in the late 1950's and early 1960's. they both increase levels of norepinephrine and serotonin. the mao inhibitors work by increasing the availability of serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine. however, the use of maos is limited due to the side effects and toxicity. that is, users must avoid certain foods and drugs to prevent serious
citalopram, side effects. one such side effect is a life threatening increase in blood pressure. the tricyclics were discovered when researchers were working to create a better phenylthiazine antipsychotic and found a drug that improved mood. although not effective for all patients, they do reduce the severity and
duration of the depressive episodes. the tricyclics include the drug imipramine, and that drug was discovered accidentally. some of the tricyclics are also used in the management of chronic pain, for bed wetting, and for the treatment of adhd, as we saw in the discussion on drugs in our…

betamethasone injection

so… are steroids being used more or lessin rheumatoid arthritis nowadays… steroid use in ra more commonnancy walsh writing in medpage today reported that more patients with rheumatoid arthritistoday are initiating treatment with glucocorticoids (gcs) early in the course of disease thanwas the case 20 years ago, a retrospective study found.during the first year of disease, 68% of patients
betamethasone injection, diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis between1995 and 2007 started gcs compared with 36% of those diagnosed between 1980 and 1994 (p<0.001),according to ashima makol, md, and colleagues from the mayo clinic in rochester, minn.however, the doses have remained similar, with mean starting doses of 8.7 mg/day and10.3 mg/day in the later and earlier cohorts,

respectively.these findings may reflect shifting patterns of rheumatoid arthritis treatment, away froma "step-up" approach toward an early, aggressive, treat-to-target approach.comment: personally, i think low do…

abdominal pain right side

what should i do if i feel lower right abdominalpain during pregnancy? if you are in your second trimester, thismay be caused by a ligament around the uterus. it helps support the uterus, which is stretchingand growing. so i’ve pulled a ligament without doinganything. it has been tightened and stretched by thegrowing baby. any sudden pulls to it or the
abdominal pain right side, kid literally kicking it causes you pain. i can’t imagine how i’d suddenly pullit. you pull that ligament when you stand up quickly,but you could pull it just rolling over in bed.
talk about a literal pain in the butt, well,groin. the pain should only last a few seconds. that’s too fast for pain relievers to beany use. but it happens so often that it is definitely a pain. you can do stretches so that any sudden movementwon’t strain it to the point of pain. or flex your hips before you cough and laughso that won’t strain it. i never would have thought a belly laugh couldliterally hurt you. you can t…

abdominal pain in women

hello guys welcome back today's topic is how to get ride ofabdominal pain with home remedies what is abdominal pain a pain between the chest and pelvicregions are called abdominal pain what are the causes of abdominal painfood poisoning
abdominal pain in women, stomach flu kidney stones urinary tractinfection what are the symptoms of abdominal painfever vomiting breathing problems painful urination home remedies to getride of abdominal pain remedy one-half cup of white rice two cups of water boilbehalf top prize with 2 cups of water

remove the rice when it starts to becometender keep the water to cool for some minutes drink it after adding a teaspoonof honey rather be 21 fresh lemon warm water time and juice in warm water thendrink it thanks for watching don't forget to subscribe