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how to masturbate for women

- things have changed sincethe old days of hands. (upbeat music) - today we are trying out the womanizer. - and seeing if we canorgasm in three minutes. (woman moans)

how to masturbate for women, - the womanizer is not a vibrator in the traditional sense but more of an air suctionsystem that sucks and pulls and almost reproduces oral sex to engorge

and stimulate the clitoris. - i masturbate, i think we all do. i've never masturbated witha foreign object though. - i had in fun in collegebut i feel inexperienced in some ways because ihaven't had the big o. i've had it with myselfbut not with somebody else and i have wondered if my clit's broken. - i actually got sent home inkindergarten for masturbating, so i'm a seasoned pro.

i don't think i knew what i was doing but i knew it felt good. (dinging) - oh my god, this is huge. - i feel more confidentthat it's going to work now. feels like a rhinestone. - this looks like a dope ass new speaker. okay so it turns on, ooh. i'm up in the intensity.

wow, that is consistent. - i don't think it'llwork but i want it to. - alright, bring onthe sexual empowerment. - just got home from the gymand now i have exactly an hour to shower, do my thing withthe womanizer, and get ready and then go out to dinner. (vibrating) - i don't know if i'm ready for this. - okay well, it's buzzing so wish me luck?

- all you have to do is put it on there. you don't even have to move basically, it does the work for you. (ticking) - holy fucking shit, i camein exactly three minutes. exactly as i was finishingthe timer goes off. - i came in less than aminute and thirty seconds, so i take back anything even remotely negative i said about this.

- my clit definitely works. didn't orgasm because myroommates were right next door. crazy to see how you've neglected a part that can bring you so much sensation. - when you have an orgasm,there are neurochemicals that are released in thebrain, dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, endorphins thatare feel good hormones. - i feel like the mostbeautiful, happiest, princess lady, floating on a giant cloud.

- it's like 3 am and i couldn't sleep so i used it and i came. took like 12 minutes but it worked. - this thing is fucking amazing. - feel way less stressed,feel much more energized, feel really, really satisfied, and i'm ready to go out todinner and i have time to spare. this is for the workin'girl that needs to get some. - fuck.

(laughs) it was way more effectivethan i thought it would be and way faster than i thought it would be. - it feels a littlebit strange, obviously, talking about something asintimate as masturbation, but i think it's a really healthy thing and i think it's a reallygreat thing that this product exists and that women can enjoy themselves and feel so great in sucha short amount of time.

- i was actually in a sexual rut recently, didn't really know what i liked, or didn't feel comfortabletelling my partner what i wanted, and now i feel like thereare things i wanna try and i feel not ashamed about it. i'm just converted now, this is just the beginning. - i found my old terrible,i don't even wanna show it,

how to masturbate for women

vibrator, just not the womanizer.

so it's going in the trash. (sign squeaks) buh-bye.


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