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white bumps on penis

hi there, eric bakker, naturopath, authorof candida crusher with another question. i have little painless white bumps on my penis.could this be a yeast infection? it most probably is. a good thing to do ifyou're uncircumcised is to roll the foreskin back and have a look. if it's intensely itchyin particular, and small white bumps, it could well be a yeast infection. if in doubt, getchecked out. that's my saying. so go and see
white bumps on penis, your doctor and get a swab and get the areachecked and to see if the doctor can culture any yeast. if candida albicans can be culturedfrom this swab, then it most certainly is a yeast infection. but you could be dealingwith any one of different types of conditions. but itchiness, irritability to that area,small white bumps, generally will signify
a yeast infection. a good home treatment would be to give ita good wash with tea tree oil soap and to keep it dry and clean. and to take precautionswith sexual relations, use condoms of …

when is a woman most fertile

cervical mucus during ovulation when does ovulation occur every woman experiences a certain degree of vaginal discharge at all times the texture and consistency of
when is a woman most fertile, that discharge our cervical mucus cervical mucus typically starts out sick catchy sticky or pasty and it may even creamy change throughout
the month can serve as a good indicator of when a woman will regulate and that's when one should to conceive a child there are three primary forms of cervical mucus on fertile cervical mucus furtively cervical mucus and
additional cervical mucus woman may notice water mucus just before period starts cervical mucus will likely continue to be dry sticky or cloudy until period after a period ends woman may experience several dry days
with no visible mucus infertile time of the month as ovulation mirrors woman will begin to feel cervical mucus eating from the vagina it will appear moist and sticky at first and maybe wider creamy color as get closer to ovulat…

tight foreskin

recently i talked about 5 reasons sex hurtsvaginas sometimes to which some commenters were like, ‘but what about the penises?’it’s true. sex can hurt penises too. statistically the most common reason for peoplewith penises to have painful sex, which is a bit of a tongue twister, is something calledperyronie’s disease. it’s a build-up of scar tissue and plaque with leads to a curvatureof the penis which then leads to painful intercourse.
tight foreskin, if your penis looks more like this than this,you might want to go see your urologist. next up for uncircumcised penis-havers phimosisand paraphimosis can lead to painful intercourse. in the case of phimosis when the penis becomeserect, the foreskin won’t fully retract. in the case of paraphimosis when that erectpenis begins to detumesce the foreskin won’t
fully re-cover the old glans. if you’re ever heard one of those jokesabout a guy popping some viagra and then having an erection that just won’t go away already.ahhhh…