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how to female orgasm

oh definitely when he is on top, it is justa go-to, like we can just be having sex the whole time and try lots of different things and theyall feel good and i have had orgasms in other positions, but like the go-to position iswhen he is on top, and like there is some manual stimulation on my part. it is just like wham bam, thank you mahm like i’m done, done.

how to female orgasm, i put my legs up a little bit so like youknow, like a crab or something, i don’tknow that’s probably the wrong description. yeah like on his shoulders, but not on hisshoulders. there is that space you so he has that space to move around if he needs to. i got my zone that i can do my thing and likehe can just be there.

it is like a combination of clitoral and vaginal. i have never been able to have a purely vaginalorgasm. it needs to be the same sort of rhythm forlike a certain amount of time, like on both ends like…that is why i also do not likechanging positions too much because i know if i change positions too much, i kind oflose that sort of “oh i’m gonna get there” you know. and it’s…i mean it feels good no matterwhat like i really enjoy having sex, but i think like it needs to be (laughs) the samefor a little bit and then reach it (laughs). some kind of vanilla but i really…i like itthat way.

my new favorite way to have an orgasm iswith my legs together, with him either entering me from behind or from the side or it canalso be me on top with my legs together and like sideways. it is not the friction thing for me, it isactually the going up and down, but then you also get clitoral stimulation because yourlegs are together. it is all about the squeezing. the first time that i ever had orgasm whilehaving sex, i was in this position where the guy was lying flat on his back and i was ontop of him and he had his hands on my hips and he was kind of moving me back and forth.

i always thought i could not have orgasm throughpenetration. i was like “no that’s it, it’s settled,i’m 19, that’s the way it’s gonna be.” and while he was doing that, i was just like“whoah! whoah!” and came that way and that was the first time,so that’s definitely a go to move because i think you know what is going on there isthere is the penetration and there is also the friction, the clitoral friction. instead of up and down… exactly, which is basically like you knowself-stimulation, but they are doing it for

you. most times that i orgasm with a partner, iam also self-stimulating. i have had orgasms that were out of self-stimulation,but rarely and so i definitely enjoy being on top. i think being on top and turned around, andso then i can also be self stimulating and bending around and what-not, but also, i thinkon my hands and knees, doggy style, while also self-stimulating, and i find too thatwith a partner, just like masturbation, you can get in a routine.

how to female orgasm
i had a partner where i found out that i couldorgasm this way with this partner and then

i found like every time we had sex, we havetried other things, but we would always go back to this, this position because i knewthat worked. cherry tv, juicy talk for women. In sex my partner use hajar jahanam because it can increase the duration of sex

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