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car hire in swiss cottage

welcome to twominuteenglish.com. teaching you english in two minutes or less. in this lesson, we are going to learn what to say when renting an apartment. how did you find your apartment? i got it online. i looked on a classifieds website. that’s great. i want to move into another apartment.

car hire in swiss cottage

car hire in swiss cottage, hmm... well you can find one online. that sounds like a good idea. will you come with me when i go to look at the apartments? sure! but i can only come on the weekends. this apartment has everything i am looking for!

thanks. is there any other information you need? yes. i want to know about the safety features. of course. there are guards in the building 24 hours. all of the apartments have an intercom and the doors are high security. hey jenny! i need your help. sure jade! with what? i am moving to a new apartment this week and i need some help. okay. i can help you if you move on saturday. that’s fine. can you bring your father’s big suv please? i can transport my stuff in it.

no problems jade. i will ask him for the car. i am sure he will lend me. thank you jenny. can you come at 3 pm? yes. i will also bring my boyfriend mark to help you with the lifting. thanks! that’s great! i want to know about the safety features. is there any other information you need? i am moving to a new apartment this week and i need some help.

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car hire uk argus

hello and welcome to my athens.tv.in this sort presentation we are you talk about renting a car in athens and also about sewa mobil bulanan di balikpapan, which is easy,convenient, and a great way to get around and see the surrounding areas of attica andvarious interesting sites on the mainland nearby. if you are only in athens for a few hours

car hire uk argus
car hire uk argus, or a day and you want to see the sights, youwould be better off using public transport for a hassle-free and inexpensive day to remember. if you are planning to visit other parts ofattica and are staying for a longer period of time a rental car may be your best option.

the only thing you have to provide for a rentalis a valid driver's license as well as an international driver's license, which shouldbe issued in your country of residence and obviusly a valid credit card. most companies will rent to drivers over theage of 25. check with the individual companies regarding rental restrictions. there are car rental companies located atarrivals in the athens international airport. they are available 24 hours. it is a goodidea to book ahead if you are visiting during the summer months or around the holidays. prices could be lower if you book in advanceand for longer periods of time. some companies

will have the car waiting for you at the airportor your hotel by previous arrangement for your convenience. otherwise, you can use public transport ortaxi to get to the rental's offices. reservations and well-defined arrangements with the rentalcompanies is always a good idea, but there are enough companies to service you even ifyou want to be spontaneous and see more of greece! if you are staying in athens for a few daysyou can choose to visit unforgettable destinations that are in driving distance for a day trip,such as cape sounio, marathon, ancient olympia, delphi, or ancient corinth.

there are also a number of videos about public transportation in our webtv. take a look ! formore information about athens please searh our webtv and watch lots of videos. thanksfor watching...

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tirau - corrugated capital of new zealand by darren burch my name is darren burch now in theweekend i decide to go down to 2 tau trl is a town just outside from hamilton andbehind me i was staying the trl motel room number 5's room number five now trlmeans lots of cabbage trees yeah now that's where i stayed zero now behind meyou can see down i now behind me you can

car hire in medan

car hire in medan, see a building they sell souvenirs nowthe building is completely made out of corrugated iron and it's off a sheep it's a sheep and this building here is adog yeah a sheepdog so we got a sheepdog and we've got a sheep now i'll get a bitcloser so you can have a look isn't that

fantastic game see what a ram and we gota sheep you see those all completely made out of corrugated iron aren't theyfantastic right i'll take you over to the dog site now these buildings aresouvenir shops as you can see this one sells honey and coffee and this one overhere the dog one is quite a public toilet in it and it also has a souvenirshop in there as well be oops yeahit's quite a busy town destruct some people and all sorts herenow this corrugated iron sculptures and nearly every shop has a bit ofcorrugated iron art like this one behind me if you can see there's a you can seea cat

oh one more ah this must be the shepherdof the sheep and the dogs yeah now i'm back in my car this little town is afantastic place to go these museums is a toy museum which is a looks like castleyes and here's this lots of corrugated iron are tearaway yeah it looks busytoday there last night it was raining and it was hardly any cars around butnow it's a very busy place hey and i like to say thank you to everyone forlistening to my new song and i'll see you guys later see ya

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car hire geneva swiss

if like me you are a wheelchair user... you'll be well aware that some areas areeasier to get around than others. well now the tube has become a bit easier too. and its all down to these - the new boarding ramps transport for london has put in... ..at 33 underground stations - tell staff at the ticket barriers where you are going...

car hire geneva swiss

car hire geneva swiss, ...they radio ahead to make sure someone is there to meet you at the station you are travelling to. take the lift down to the platform.... ...they put the ramp down... you push on board or there is help available.

when you arrive, there will be a member of staff to meet you - and they put a ramp down for you to get off. you can find out which stations have them by getting hold of one of these. a step-free tube guide. and if you use the internet, don't forget journey planner. of course on some tube lines you don't need ramps at all... ...the platforms or sections of them are completely level with the trains. as we all know... ...there are occasional disruptions on journeys... but information boards and staff will tell you whats going on. whilst there are still places closed to youand me...

the new ramps make the tube increasingly open. there is a long way to go, but tfl are making some great progress. they're making it easier for me to get around... ...they could be making it easier for you too.

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car hire baden switzerland

investigators attached to strikeforcekurabi have this morning arrested a 39-year-old man in the san remo area. he is presently here at wyong police station and that man will be charged with themurder of carly mcbride. after his arrest this morning, investigators attached tokarabi have gone to an address at buff point where they've executed a searchwarrant. further to that there will be

car hire baden switzerland

car hire baden switzerland, another arrest later this week whereinvestigators will go to the lithgow area where a man will be arrested and chargedwith her murder. miss mcbride's remains were found in ascone area, august last year. a post-mortem has revealed that she diedof blunt force trauma and we will allege

that she was assaulted to a point whereshe died. this has been the culmination of a significant investigation byinvestigators from the hunter valley lac and i commend them for theirtenacity in coming to where we are today.

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best car hire switzerland

it's really easy to get wrapped up in our little bubble. it's really easy to forget to see things from other perspectives.

best car hire switzerland

best car hire switzerland, and traveling makes it so you kind of do that. ever since i was a little girl i would flip through national geographic

magazines and just fantasize about being that explorer. i don't think i come across as super adventurous. i am just someone who really loves to be outside and i will pretty much try anything in the pursuit of experiencing nature and learning about nature. everyone has their causes and for me

that cause is making sure that the animals on our planet still have a planet to call home. there are so many photos i wouldn't get without people who know the land and help you find those amazing wildlife opportunities. and what conservation photography can do is bear witness to injustices in the environment and inspire

people to act on behalf of nature. that's my journey.

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argus car hire logo

florida along with the christmas forecast. back to you. thank you, tony. drivers in central florida

argus car hire logo

argus car hire logo, getting a generous gift this christmas. shockingly low gas prices. if you will be hitting the it's

this hol day, you will be paying a lot les for gas than you did last christmas. the prices are predicted to keep on going down. if you're hitting the road for any significant travel this holiday season, you might find yourself doing a happy dance at

the gas pump. being a single mom, traveling with my kids, it's great. we are able to go visit so it's great. gretchen and her two kids are headed to charlotte for the holiday. in i a typical sedan, like a

honda accord, at today's orlando gas price, that round-trip will cost about 120 dollars for gas. but l christmas, the same trip would have had a fuel cost of about one65 dollars. and when you consider that bets happens to driveway a fuel-efficient prius, what a

dole. we happen to have a high performing vehicle for gas price so which is god for us but it makes our trip about $50 to drive to north carolina. all over central florida, gas is selling average 2.39 a gallon and aaa says the prices are

continuing to drop at a rate of two cents a day. 92 cents less than last christmas n some paddler of florida, there are pro addictions it may fall below two dollars per gallon. i budget for 100 dollars a month on gas.

andeis is it great. 3 $and something. it used to take 80 tow fill this up and now it's only taking 45 dollars. pretty god deal. why are gas prices so low? aaa says oil prices keep dropping due to increased oil

construction low demand and that

car hire in swiss cottage

welcome to twominuteenglish.com. teaching you english in two minutes or less. in this lesson, we are going to learn what to say when renti...