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everytime i swallow my ear pops

i'm really good at making subs because i speak both korean and english so you will all marvel at my subbing skills ah-choo - lovelyz i found a human i wanted to create edible stuff for even though i will burn the house down after making cereal i have been practicing my cooking skills...

everytime i swallow my ear pops, (which hasn't really turned out well because i don't have a house anymore) i even have aegyo that i have been concealing in the deepest darkest chamber that is the cavity where my heart should be present in! i can make you laugh every day

if you'd freaking date me i bet you don't know exist ah-choo! *mark making a noise that signifies his approval*

(1.2x) whenever i see you i think i will sneeze also whenever i see you i want to make your ears bleed by talking a lot i can't hold back my animal instincts to open my lips and let the words flow out into your bleeding ears *mark once more expressing his approval by a very enthusiastic shout* (1.2x) there is flower sperm flying around my heart cavity i just really want to make your ears bleed my empty heart cavity

can't deal with this romantic crap... *talented young women being pretty* i found someone that i want to wake up with my beautiful face... even though i'm dead in the morning maybe i can attempt to revive myself !!11!! when i see that person being tired of all the crap the world throws at them i feel sadder :(

:((( :( :((( :(( :( if you ever realize that i exist i'll be there for you! (i'm not a stalker d:) i bet you still don't know i exist

*yet another mark of approval from mark* *hahahaah i'm so funny ahahahaha* (1.2x) i think i'm going to sneeze whenever i see you i still want to make your ears bleed! i can't suppress my ambitions (why is the thesaurus so hard to use?) to let the words flow out of my mouth~ *once again, mark passionately displays his acceptance for his sneeze* (1.2x) there is more flower sperm flying around in my heart cavity have i mentioned that i wanted to make your ears bleed? can't swallow all this lovey-dovey stuff that i'm coincidentally singing about!

*pretty people swaying from side to side* so how are my subs? i think i'm going to give up here now because there are way too many words and i don't have time for this stuff because i have a life too don't we all? like honestly, i could be studying for a test right now oh, who am i kidding?

*mark says yes* (1.2x) i will sneeze if you come into my line of sight have you realized that i want to see blood come out of your ears? it's so itchy that i can't stop myselfaaaaaaaaaaaaah choo! *mark says no* (1.2x) what the hell??? what am i doing with my life? hahahahaah what life?

everytime i swallow my ear pops

lol yes thank you and dont forget to like comment & subscribe haters gon' hate help me achoo *mark enlightens everyone with his angelic sneeze and then says that he knows that we exist*


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what are the symptoms of oral cancer? the common and easily identical symptoms include: 1. inside the mouth area either on lips andgums there will be some kind of swelling, lumps, rough red spots. 2. white and red soft covering grows insidethe mouth. 3. mysterious blood flow in mouth area. 4. inexplicable emotions, feelings lost, continuouspain in mouth or neck area. 5. obstinate spots on mouth face and neckthat flow blood easily and cannot heal easily within 14 days.
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