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infected mosquito bite

you may feel helpless when it comes to mosquitobites, but there are some great natural remedies that you can use to relieve the annoying itchyou get after being bit. the good news is that most of these remedies are made fromcommon household items. for example, vinegar. you can apply a small amount of vinegar directlyto your mosquito bite, or, take a very hot bath filled with water and 2 â½ cups of vinegar.i would recommend that you use organic, raw

infected mosquito bite, apple cider vinegar if possible. next, applyingaloe vera directly to your bite won't only help relieve itching and swelling, but itwill also aid in healing your wound. next, rubbing a bar of dry soap directly onto yourbite will also give you temporary relief. just remember to wash it off thoroughly oncethe itch fades away. peppermint soap is what

i use and it works great. using baking sodaand water, you can make a thick paste and apply it generously to your bites. also, afresh slice of onion can be used by placing it on the effected area for several minutes.eventually the itching should be relieved. be sure to wash the area thoroughly, taking a dab of honey and applying it right to the bite will provide relieve andhelp prevent infection due to its anti-microbial

infected mosquito bite

properties. you can see that there are plentyof options available right in your own home for relieving the nescience of mosquito bites.try each if you can, and see which works best for you. for more great helpful tips and advicefor living a green, natural organic lifestyle, please visit us online at global healing

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