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now we're getting ready to actually use thenebulizer. the first step of course is you're going to be plugging it into the wall andyou want to make sure that the outlet that you have is going to be able to support theneeds of the machine. obviously this is a 2 prong plug right here, the outlet that ihave has a capability to take a 3 prong but it is not needed in this situation. so againto make sure that you have it correctly, it

flixotide, goes right in there. and as i've mentionedbefore, make sure that the cord is not laying on anything or near anything that is puttingout a lot of heat because that of course could damage it; melt the plastic and all that andthat would not be safe. then the next thing we're going to do is to take this plastictubing and connect it to the machine and in

this particular type of tubing, both endsare the same. this may not be the case for all nebulizers so you want to take them nextto each other, look at them and see if there's any difference. but this one you can plugeither end into the machine. as you see right here, here is the part to plug it into. youwant to make sure that you're not having to force it on. it should go on pretty want to make sure there's a snug fit there so that there's not any air that is goingto escape. this is a good time too to just inspect your hose and make sure that it isnot particularly dry, brittle, cracked, torn, that kind of thing. as you can see this oneis in pretty good shape and i've connected


there. then we've got this part ready to connectto the part of the nebulizer that holds the

medicine. what i'm going to do now is becausethe next step is going to be handling the medicine is i'm going to wash my hands whichis always a good idea when you're handling any kind of medicine. and then we're readyto put the medicine in.

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