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fingertips numb

hi welcome to stressed out stress free dotcom my name is vincent woon. in this video i'm going to talk about wrist pain. wristpain, what causes wrist pain? wrist pain can be caused by injuries or repetitive use ofthe muscles. symptoms of wrist pain usually are havingpain along the wrist area and sometimes on the thumb and also numbness and sometimespain coming down from the shoulder.

fingertips numb, let me show you a couple of techniques torelease your wrist pain. normally you have pain around this area here. this is your thumband pad area. what you do is put pressure down this way push it down and then move yourthumb. press it down your thumb straight and move the other thumb, press it down, pressit down and you might also have pain around

this area here. put some pressure here on the "v" area here,press and move, press and move or move your fingers move your fingers. for pain aroundthis area here and sometimes pain over here. what you do is put some pressure here andpush back that way. pressure that way that way. along the wrist here put some pressureon the muscle and push back that way for the muscles along this area here. whatyou do is put your finger pads, align them like this and push backwards, put some pressureon there and push backwards, push your finger backwards, put some pressure here and pushbackwards,. like such pressure and then move backwards pressure put pressure there andmove backwards, pressure move backwards and

for the wrist just put some pressure thereto the left or to the right, left right, and for these two areas here, this area just gothis way, left right and the other area, this area here left right. thank you very much for watching these arethe techniques that i use to release pain in my wrist area and my palm. if you haveanything different than this like carpal tunnel or hand cramps i would like to introduce youto geoffrey hunt who is an expert in carpal tunnel pain and hand cramps and he’ll showyou step by step on how to get rid of the problem. what you need to do is click on the blue linkunderneath this video if you are watching

on youtube and that will get you to my blogand there will be a link to direct you to

fingertips numb

all his information and i hope he can helpyou with your problem. if you have any question or comment, pleaseleave in the comment box below. don’t forget to visit my blog at http://stressedoutstressfree.comonce again my name is vincent woon and see you in the next video

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