Rabu, 24 Mei 2017

jelly like semen

hi everyone! welcome to keith's toy box! today we're going to have some bath time fun with the surprise toy... the paw patrol rocky bath pup squirter! rocky is the paw patrol's recycling pup and he's soft and squishy and he squirts water out of his mouth during bath play time. let's try him out and get him wet!

jelly like semen, and let's join him with the rest of the paw patrol bath squirter toys for more fun! it's bath time and our paw patrol pup squirter friends are here to join us! plop! plop! let's put all of them in the tub!

squirt! that's right! so this is actually when you are getting wet! nice big squirt, rubble! nice! marshall! just give them a squeeze before dipping them into the water. zuma, let's dive in! wow, that's a big squirt! way to go, zuma! i'm fired up! chase is on the case! now, it's pool time and here are all our pup squirter friends. this is going to be so much fun.

nice! rubble on the double! ready for action, ryder sir! now let's see if they can knock each other down by squirting. ready, set, get wet! haha! there goes skye and chase! rubble? oops. no, let's try again! got you, rubble! and rocky!

jelly like semen

let's try that again! so that's the paw patrol rocky bath pup squirter! please like this video or tell us what you think in the comments below. thanks for watching keith's toy box and remember to subscribe for more videos.

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