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8 toe curling orgasm facts according to one survey, 47% of women havetheir first orgasm through masturbation. they didn't survey men, but we all know... it's...100%. the average age for a women's first orgasmis 18. again, no one asked men. some say bad science. i say creepy answer avoidance.

orgasm, according to one study 48% of regular headachesufferers had their pain cured by orgasm. for the other 62% banging didn't cure the...ah...banging. orgasms are a reflux of the central nervoussystem. and as such you don't technically need genitals to orgasm. though, genitalsalways help. i'm sorry, i was just reading

a bumper sticker. electrical stimulation of the spinal nerve,can trigger orgasms in brain dead people. turns out even the legally dead have somethingto live for. leave your complaints in the comments. one study suggests that orgasms can cure hiccups.but so can scaring people. what i'm saying is.... the hiccup-er may not need to be theone having an orgasm. he just has to have a really scary one happen near him. .06% of men can orgasm through fantasizingalone. think about that...you on the home stretch? no? congrats, you're like the restof us.


at the moment of orgasm the section of yourbrain that processes fear is momentarily shut off. so, now you have a new way to win fearfactor. think of the ratings. to find out more amazing facts about the humanbody click on our video about breasts or our other video about penises. please subscribe.and don't forget to clear your browser history.

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