Rabu, 24 Mei 2017

lamisil cream

anybody knows the hidden meaning of 'green light'? it's not a normal traffic light. what if, right now if you can't recognize the greenlight, you might spend your whole life as a bachelor like him.

lamisil cream, he’s been a solo for 9855 days. contact him right now: 010-1577-1577!! your interest will save his life. (greenlight)no worries! as long as i'm alive, greenlight will remain forever. (redlight)not at all! as long as i'm alive, only the redlight can remain forever! then, let us begin greenlight briefing right away!

bang! (one late evening in the meeting room..) oh, wow! isn't this a greenlight? (ep.03 greenlight briefing :her foot odor) what this woman a doing to man a can be a greenlight? have a look at this. (giggle) her back line is level with respect to the floor, almost in 180 degrees. and now, look at her elbow. it can't handle her gravity and so that it keeps falling down.

you guys all got it, right? "she" inclined towards him where "her" heart is bound. obviously, she’s transmitting greenlight to him! (red light) oh, you sure? i mean, woman a was just trying to hand some papers to her colleague, man a. like this! (plop!) wouldn't she simply mean this? keep it simple. all he needs is one-dimensional thinking.

never ever give him hope! wouldn't you feel guilty? what did you say? then, what about her eyes? let’s have a look. (greenlight):she didn't even put lens on? no lenses on her eyes! i mean her eyes are pure now! she saw him with naked eyes. still didn't get it? oh, calm down! shakespeare mentioned this 500 years ago. "love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind." by shakespeare

(nodding) then what about her foot? have a look at this! huh? what's this? (oh,gosh!!! wait a minute!)why the heck this smells so bad? (red light came to experience it.)hey, it smells that bad? if you think her foot smells bad, then how smelly it is? hey! just confess your love to her! her foot smells so bad, but what the hey!

her foot smells like cheonggukjang(fermented soy beans), but what the hey! her foot smells bad as if it were decomposed, but what the hey! you are not going to hook up with a foot? are you? confess her your love!(or go back to where you were!) (whoa! man a eventually started to move!) (whoa! man a eventually started to talk!) all right! made up my mind! great, so, finally, here comes the happy ending!

daah!gosh! she's got a bunch of maggots on her foot! dooon't!!!that's an infectious disease!!!! (we decided to talk to woman a.) woman a: he’s such a bobo. love? how come? just because i touched his foot a littlebit?

lamisil cream

told you already! i needed to scratch my itchy foot on his leg cuz i thought his leg was the wall. then if i was passing by one man and stepped on his toes, should i be like “be my husband from now on. nice to meet you." or something like that? has he ever done anything to cure my fungus? a..c..if you loved me, why didn't he buy me lamisil cream or something like that? xx blah blah..(some curse words..)

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