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does nutella cause cancer

not many know this, but coffee has been usedas a natural hair dye for a very long time. coffee can turn your light hair darker orgive your naturally dark hair a healthy glow. dyeing hair is common, and most people havedone this at least once in their lifetime. likewise, most people drink coffee, so whynot use that coffee and make a hair dye with natural ingredients.

does nutella cause cancer, it is important to note that dyeing your hairnaturally sometimes does not last as long. however, it is equally important to note thatthis method of coloring your hair does not do damage to your hair. it can even strengthen it.

there are over 5000 different chemicals usedin unnatural hair dyes, per the national cancer institute. many of these chemicals are known to causecancer. however, coffee is completely natural productthat not only will not cause damage but will also benefit your hair. when using the all-natural coffee mixture,your hair will have the proper shine and shade. this mixture also helps grow your hair morequickly, per a study that was published in the 2007 issue of international journal ofdermatology. how to use coffee to dye your hair:- make strong organic coffee, preferably espresso.

(non-organic coffee most likely contains someadded chemicals.) - let your coffee cool. - mix 2 cups of leave-in all-natural conditionerwith 2 tbsp. of organic coffee grounds and 1 cup of cold brewed coffee. - apply the mixture onto your hair and leavein for about an hour. it will give your hair a beautiful chocolatecolor, that is free from any damaging chemicals. another simpler option is known as a coffeerinse: - shampoo your hair first, and then pour coffeeover your head. leave in for 20 minutes.

use apple cider vinegar to rinse the coffeeout of your hair. then rinse it off with warm water.

does nutella cause cancer

if you are not happy with your results, continuethe same process for a few days in a row. this will allow the coffee to penetrate thestrands of your hair. if you like the video, give it a thumbs upand share it with your friends! if you want more recipes and tips, subscribeto the channel!


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