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tight foreskin

recently i talked about 5 reasons sex hurtsvaginas sometimes to which some commenters were like, ‘but what about the penises?’it’s true. sex can hurt penises too. statistically the most common reason for peoplewith penises to have painful sex, which is a bit of a tongue twister, is something calledperyronie’s disease. it’s a build-up of scar tissue and plaque with leads to a curvatureof the penis which then leads to painful intercourse.

tight foreskin, if your penis looks more like this than this,you might want to go see your urologist. next up for uncircumcised penis-havers phimosisand paraphimosis can lead to painful intercourse. in the case of phimosis when the penis becomeserect, the foreskin won’t fully retract. in the case of paraphimosis when that erectpenis begins to detumesce the foreskin won’t

fully re-cover the old glans. if you’re ever heard one of those jokesabout a guy popping some viagra and then having an erection that just won’t go away already.ahhhhh. the punch line is priapism. not so funny sounding now is it. these painful erectionsthat will not go away and usually require medical treatment might in fact be causedby viagra or other medications but it might also be linked to blood disorders or genitalinjury. either way that is an erection that you probably don’t want. in the same way they can cause painful sexfor people with vaginas, skin disorders can also lead to painful sex for people with penises.skin conditions including psoriasis, balanitis

and dermatitis can all irritate the skin particularlyon the head of the penis leading then to painful sex. finally, bedroom moves gone horribly wrongcan lead to probably the most painful sex of your life because oh my god you just fracturedyour penis. you know you fractured your penis when you hear a popping sound followed thenby discoloration and swelling of the penis. statistically they’re quite rare but theydo happen and in fact in one study that i was looking at one guy fractured his penissimply because his pants were too tight. if

tight foreskin

you do fracture your penis though it’s importantthat you go to the hospital as soon as possible because if left untreated a fractured peniscan lead to erectile dysfunction which is

another video for another time. p-p-p-penises, penises, penises, penises,penises.

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