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white bumps on penis

hi there, eric bakker, naturopath, authorof candida crusher with another question. i have little painless white bumps on my penis.could this be a yeast infection? it most probably is. a good thing to do ifyou're uncircumcised is to roll the foreskin back and have a look. if it's intensely itchyin particular, and small white bumps, it could well be a yeast infection. if in doubt, getchecked out. that's my saying. so go and see

white bumps on penis, your doctor and get a swab and get the areachecked and to see if the doctor can culture any yeast. if candida albicans can be culturedfrom this swab, then it most certainly is a yeast infection. but you could be dealingwith any one of different types of conditions. but itchiness, irritability to that area,small white bumps, generally will signify

a yeast infection. a good home treatment would be to give ita good wash with tea tree oil soap and to keep it dry and clean. and to take precautionswith sexual relations, use condoms of course, until you really know what you're dealingwith. so to answer that question, would these littlewhite bumps on the penis be a yeast infection? they probably are, but get checked out justto be sure. and if you're told they are yeast infection, always consider internal treatmentas well as external treatment.

white bumps on penis

you can read a lot more in the fourth chapterin my book, candida crusher, if you're a male particularly with what to do with these typesof infections. they'll give you lots of different

solutions and ideas, so do read that chapterin my book. so i hope that answers your question. thankyou.

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