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tirau - corrugated capital of new zealand by darren burch my name is darren burch now in theweekend i decide to go down to 2 tau trl is a town just outside from hamilton andbehind me i was staying the trl motel room number 5's room number five now trlmeans lots of cabbage trees yeah now that's where i stayed zero now behind meyou can see down i now behind me you can

car hire in medan

car hire in medan, see a building they sell souvenirs nowthe building is completely made out of corrugated iron and it's off a sheep it's a sheep and this building here is adog yeah a sheepdog so we got a sheepdog and we've got a sheep now i'll get a bitcloser so you can have a look isn't that

fantastic game see what a ram and we gota sheep you see those all completely made out of corrugated iron aren't theyfantastic right i'll take you over to the dog site now these buildings aresouvenir shops as you can see this one sells honey and coffee and this one overhere the dog one is quite a public toilet in it and it also has a souvenirshop in there as well be oops yeahit's quite a busy town destruct some people and all sorts herenow this corrugated iron sculptures and nearly every shop has a bit ofcorrugated iron art like this one behind me if you can see there's a you can seea cat

oh one more ah this must be the shepherdof the sheep and the dogs yeah now i'm back in my car this little town is afantastic place to go these museums is a toy museum which is a looks like castleyes and here's this lots of corrugated iron are tearaway yeah it looks busytoday there last night it was raining and it was hardly any cars around butnow it's a very busy place hey and i like to say thank you to everyone forlistening to my new song and i'll see you guys later see ya

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