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cloudy urine vs normal urine

what should i think of bright neon yellowurine during pregnancy? i’d be more concerned about glow in thedark pee or green stuff. i’ve heard that is a sign that you are carryinga boy. the odds are 50-50, though the odds are higherif your husband is younger. the odds of having a boy go down if you are a vegetarian.

cloudy urine vs normal urine, so bright yellow urine isn't a sure sign ofa blue nursery. is it a problem? if your urine is dark yellow or bright yellow,it is a sign that you are dehydrated. the solution is to drink a lot of water and juice. or soda.

that actually dehydrates you because it regularlycontains sodium, aka salt. and stay away from coffee and alcohol. i knew to stay away from alcohol. don’tneed a kid with fetal alcohol syndrome. another possible cause is the prenatal vitamins.some b vitamins prescribed for morning sickness can turn your pee yellow. if it changes the color of my pee, does thatmean the vitamins are wasted? no, at least some of it was absorbed by yourbody. but not all of it, which is why a lot of septic tank truck operators talk aboutthe hard gravel left behind by all the multivitamins people take.

i guess it could be worse. it could really,really stink. that’s probably a sign of a urinary tractinfection. if it smelled sweet, you might have prenatal diabetes. that’s not a problem i’m dealing with.i just always have to go. part of that is normal for pregnancy. if youare drinking drinks that dehydrate you like

cloudy urine vs normal urine

soda, coffee and tea, it’ll make you haveto go a lot more. and what makes me need to pee less? labor? i don’t think that’s a fair trade.

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